waterproof watch multifunctional outdoor survival umbrella Rope Bracelet Adjustable outdoor camping adventure Bracelet

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7-in-one compass/wire cutter/50 m depth waterproof watch flint/whistles/whistle/outdoor survival hand rope This is not an ordinary umbrella rope bracelet, it has more outdoor survival function.
It is equipped with an outdoor lifesaving flint, a high-precision mini compass, a rope cutter, a survival whistle and a 7-wire umbrella rope that is about 3.6 meters long, providing security for your outdoor exploration.
Specification: diameter 0.4cm,7 core; bracelet width 3.2 cm, length 23CM (effective wearing length after buckle closure). Bracelet accessories for everyday wear, highlighting your outdoor players ' identities, can be disassembled as a piece of rope. The use of military seven-core umbrella rope, emergency can stop bleeding, make traps, strapping temporary tents, wearing sets of equipment to prevent loss and so on, can do emergency help use! The diameter of the rope is 4 mm, with a single rope pulling at about 350 lbs. Single color bracelet The total length of the umbrella rope is about 3.6 meters, used for trailers, first aid. The materials used are the material of the umbrella rope, the same as the rope used by the ship, with the advantages of corrosion resistance, anti-aging and so on.