Camping Lightweight Automatic Inflatable Air Mattress

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Automatic Inflatable Cushion Outdoor Tents, Sleeping Bags and Mats Cushion Widened Thickened Single Camping can be Spliced.

Packing:1xPC 187cmx58cm*2.5cm Sleeping bed.
2 PCS Can to be spliced double bed that is great.
Size:187cmx58cm*2.5cm /74.5"*23.2"*1"
Color: Dark Green,Dark Purple
Weight: 0.96kg

1.For inflatable, please open the double valve for inflating, and waiting 3-8 minutes is finished, and then ,Please CLOSE the valve tightly.

2. Pillow,you can mouth for inflatable . the Height of the pillow can be adjusted according to the amount of inflated.

3. Inflatable mattress comes with inflatable pillow,that is very convenient.